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These classic single-tracked trails are set in the remote boreal forest of Isabella on Superior National Forest. The trails wind along lakeshores and through spruce/tamarack bogs and old pine, fir, aspen, and birch forests. Skiers can experience a wilderness character on mostly beginner to intermediate loops. Trailhead located at Flathorn Picnic area.
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Saturday, November 19, 2022
Heads up Nordic skier enthusiasts, as you can see from the attached photos winter has arrived in our area and has draped about 13 inches of the lighter but not fluffy snow in our overall area. However, the trails are more like 2 to 7 inches due to the trees intercepting the snow and vehicle traffic on Jensen Trail Road due to deer season access.
The trail grooming folks met today to lay out a plan for this season's grooming approach as well as make decisions about whether to start grooming or not. It was determined that we need substantial cold weather to be able to make the trails groomable. We have had a nice few cold days, but next weeks temps are going to be nicer again. We are feeling like it could be weeks before we can groom the wetland trails, the snow is insulting the wetlands from freezing. But we may be able to do the uplands if we get more snow. Bringing out your rock skis and setting your own trail as you ski is certainly a possibility and likely there will be folks that will try this in the coming days.
(Nancy Schultz)