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Red Cedar River Trail
Menomonie, WI
Trail Length: 13.0k  Maps: | 1 Menomonie Depot , 1 Irvington , 1 Downsville 
Groomed: Skating/Classical    Lighted: No Snowmaking: No
Contact: 715-232-1242    Weather: [ NWS ]  
Notes:   A groomed stretch from Menomonie to Downsville. Red Cedar Outfitters offer return van rides for a one-way ski trip. Follow direction signs from I-94.

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Friday, February 15, 2019  posted: 2/15/2019 9:09:05 PM
[ Good skis ]
  I skate skied the Irvington to Downsville stretch of trail this evening. The skate deck set up nicely throughout the day after the trail was groomed. I jumped in the tracks a couple times and it felt like I had good glide in the tracks as well. Excellent skiing conditions out there!
(Matt Molback)
Friday, February 15, 2019  posted: 2/15/2019 1:18:47 PM
[ Trails Open: All, Good skis ]
  Groomed and set track on both sides of the trail from Menomonie to Irvington. That section looked very good although it is a little narrower than usual for skating as with all the snow it is a work in progress to get the trail back to normal width. Due to slush at about the 1/2 mile mark and some slush at the ice wall we cannot use our roller so it will take a few times grooming to widen - skiers can get around the slush. I set a single track from Irvington to Downsville with a wider skating lane and that looked really nice. Enjoy the weekend skiing.
(Bill Kryshak)
Tuesday, February 12, 2019  posted: 2/12/2019 1:45:01 PM
[ Trails Open: All, Good skis ]
  We will be working on the trail throughout the week as with all of the snow it is extremely soft and it will take us some time. We used the snowmobile to pack this morning and we will roll the trail late tomorrow. Our plan is to groom and track Friday morning to make sure it is ready for the weekend.
(Bill Kryshak)
Friday, February 8, 2019  posted: 2/8/2019 1:03:57 PM
[ Trails Open: All, Good skis ]
  We rolled the Red Cedar today to Downsville and back. I had run the snowmobile down to Downsville late Tuesday which was good as otherwise we probably would not have gotten thru with the roller as there is a lot of snow. We have a bit of a slush problem about a ½ mile from the Depot and some by the ice wall but with the cold it should freeze up a bit in the next few days. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be -18 and that just doesn't work for our equipment (nor our groomers) so the plan is to groom and set a track early Sunday morning. It will still be very nice skiing tomorrow as a natural track will be set up quickly by skiers.
(Bill Kryshak)
Thursday, January 31, 2019  posted: 1/31/2019 9:20:31 AM
[ Trails Open: All, B skis ]
  We rolled the trail from Menomonie to Downsville, Trail is glare ice underneath the snow for the complete length of the trail however it should be fair especially from Irvington to Downsville. From Menomonie to Irvington it will be difficult to ski as even with the cold weather we ran into a major stretch of slush and water from about the 1 mile to the 2 mile mark. The water is seeping up thru the ground in addition to coming off the hill. At this time we cannot groom as we cannot get our Tidd Tech thru that stretch.
(Bill Kryshak)

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